My Dad

The American Dream: An Interview with my Dad

I have admired my Dad my entire life. He has always been one of the most generous people I know and has set quite the example for our family. The older I get, I appreciate him even more. Every time I got in the car with my dad when I was younger, I could 100%…

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My Mom

Learn more about my mom.

I have always wanted to share my parents’ story. Mainly because it is an amazing story and also, I want to make sure my children remember our family history. I am in awe of what my parents lived through and the life they were able to provide for me and my siblings, despite the terrible…

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Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club

Learn more about Invisalign and Smile Direct Club.

Many patients who need orthodontic treatment already know that they would prefer Invisalign or a clear option to straighten their teeth. I understand why an adult or even a teenager would want to have clear trays versus metal brackets in their mouth. I was actually one of these cases. I was in college when I…

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Amaya’s Story: Watch Her Grow!

Amaya started coming to my office when she was almost 8 years old. She had undergone part of a phase I treatment before I started seeing her. This first photo was taken six years ago. One thing I know for sure is that I did not see then, what I see now! Now, I see…

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What Is Early Treatment Part II

In a previous blog post I discussed the benefits of early orthodontic treatment, and answered the question I hear most often, “Why are we starting treatment when my child still has baby teeth?” A question I get asked almost as frequently is, “Why are we starting treatment when my child ONLY has baby teeth? Currently,…

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Important Updates for Upcoming Appointments

Covid updates for appointments.

Dear Patients and Families of Warsaw Orthodontics, As we continue to operate during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we ask that all patients and parents please take a moment to review our protocol. The health and safety of our patients, families, and staff, is our top priority. We want to be able to provide continuity of orthodontic…

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What I Learned This Week

This week has been a blur. I have been trying to remember the actual day I realized that I was going to have to close my practice for at least two weeks, and I honestly can’t remember at what time I thought that was even a possibility. Now, it’s even a possibility we may close…

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Coronavirus Protocol

Covid protocol in the office.

The Coronavirus/Covid-19 has given us all cause for concern. We want you to know that the safety of our patients and families is always our primary concern. We also know that continuity of care is critical for successful orthodontic treatment. As always, we regularly disinfect our treatment area, all public surfaces, and follow the most…

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Early Mornings

The bottom left picture was taken at 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning. This day is my rest workout day and a day for me to catch up on my email or any other items I didn’t get to in the week. I started working on them at 5:00 a.m. Gracie is my early riser…

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What is Early Treatment?

The results of early treatment.

One of the most common questions that parents ask me is, “Why are we starting treatment when my child still has baby teeth? When I was younger my parents waited until all of my permanent teeth were in.” Like most areas of medicine, orthodontics has continued to evolve in ways that ultimately benefit the patient’s…

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